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Finding Places and Location

Finding Places

Begin by opening the app on the homescreen, this will go straight to your position and you can tell from there what is around you, all the places available to you will be on the screen.
To view another place that you might want to visit, go to “location” type in the town, city or area you wish to view, then go back “home” and that area will now be shown with all thats availale there.

  • Home
  • Location Search
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Where are you? are you in the wrong place? have you opened the app to find you now live in America? Fear not, your house is intact and you have not opened a teleporter app.

Switch your locations services on, on your device and you will be teleported back to where you started.

How to;

  1. Switch Location on, Android
  2. Switch Location on, iOS (Apple)
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