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Blue Motorhomes – Red dots – Those Pint Glases & More

What do the Blue Motorhomes represent?

The Blue Motorhomes on the app represent official parking, either council provided or private parking, sometimes known as Aires. An Aire or Aire De Service are french Terms that have caught on throughout Europe, Stellplatz in Germany. Aire is parking, Aire De Service is a service area for servicing your motorhome, with Parking or without.

Pint Glasses? you won’t know this one, right?

Ahh now this is the one you were looking for? right? they might seem easy to understand, it might seem like you know exactly what they will be and you might be mistaken by thinking that everyone should know the answer. Well you’d be right!  Bars & Restaurants that sell beer  – oh and they let you park your Motorhome, Campervan or RV whilst you drink said beer. How is that for a perfect solution?

Tents –
We all bring tents with us, do we not?

What is a tent doing on a Motorhome Parking app? we don’t really know, but it was as close as we could get to representing a camp site, after all, you camp in a tent.  So yep, you’ve got it, campsites.

Red Dots(parking Places) – have you ever parked on a red dot?

Now these are the pièce de résistance!  the places we all hope to find and enjoy, be it on a hillside or down by the beach. What some would call “wild camping” but we’re pretty certain you cannot wild camp in a Motorhome, Camper or RV. As always ‘Leave nothing but footprints’ and try and do what some of us already do, leave it nicer looking than when we arrived.


Bins & recycle places for ROI who do not have public bins.


PLaces either for Autogas or bottled gas or both, check the reviews.

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